Adam Karis

Lead guitar, bass

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA, Adam spent his teenage years playing guitar and obsessing over rock records.

In his short lived acedemic life at Cal State University Monterey Bay he met Tyler Dinner where they immediately formed a band. Known as Andorra and even Mary's Rebellion for a little, the band proved to be the foundation for Hell for the Company and cemented the two as a permanent musical team.

Max Pena

lead/rhy guitar, vocals, bass, keys

Max hails from Hell's Kitchen, where he learned to transform his lack of space and some inherited instruments into riffs and licks. After a random run-in with an old BMCC friend Tyler Dinner sparked some jam sessions btwn the pair and Michael Dinner, Hell for the Company was born. 

Michael Dinner

Lead vocals, lead/rhy guitar, bass

Michael grew up in Monterey, CA where became obssessed with guitar and all things that rock in his mid teens. With a musical family lineage and razor sharp focus, Michael is a prolific songwriter and an extremely crafty guitarist. He writes songs that range from stories of Vigilante Superheroes to crazy encounters with law enforcement and moved to NYC in 2008 to get them to the world.

Tyler Dinner

lead vocals, rhy guitar, keys, bass

Born and raised in Monterey, CA, Tyler quickly turned a teenage song-writing hobby into a musical obsession, and eventually quit college baseball in order to pursue this passion. After trying to get bands together in Cali, Tyler teamed up with his brother and moved to New York City in 2008 to make music their main focus. Within a year and a half they teamed up with Max Pena and founded Hell for the Company in 2010.

Vinny Lauria


From Pleasantville, New York, Vinny spent his youth making sounds as loud as the Big Apple he grew 40 miles from. Vinny and Michael became great friends while they attended Lehman College in the Bronx. After more than a year of hearing about an awesome drummer from upstate, Tyler, Max and Michael finally got togeher to jam in Vinny's garage in 2010. Within moments everyone knew the combination was something special.